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General information about SBI Mosfinagency

State budgetary institution of the city of Moscow «Financial Agency of the City of Moscow» (hereinafter the Agency) was founded in July 2013 as a result of the reorganization of SGUP «Mosfinagency» that had been acting since June 1999 in the field of management of the state debt and temporarily available financial funds of the Moscow budget. For the functions that require licensing as a professional participant of the securities market for broker activity the Agency founded a 100%-owned subsidiary Closed joint stock company «Garant-M».

The main goals of the Agency are as follows:

  • Expert analytical support of Moscow’s borrowing policy, strategy and tactics for management of Moscow debt;
  • Attracting investors into Moscow’s debt obligations.

Functions of the Agency and CJSC «Garant-M» include:

  • Drafting expert analytical materials necessary for the Financial Department of the Moscow Government for making managerial decisions in the field of state debt and temporarily available funds of the city’s budget;
  • Disclosure of information regarding Moscow’s solvency and debts;
  • Analyzing and monitoring financial markets;
  • Operational interaction with the financial market participants;
  • Planning and realization of measures for the Moscow bonds market development;
  • Monitoring indexes of Moscow’s solvency (debt stability);
  • Analyzing financial risks of Moscow debts’ management;
  • Technical preparation of Moscow bonds’ auctions at Closed joint stock company «Stock Exchange MICEX»;
  • Executing transactions regarding Moscow bonds listing and sale at the exchange and off-exchange markets, as well as REPO transactions with Moscow bonds;
  • Acting as a market-maker and broker for Moscow bonds at Closed joint stock company «Stock Exchange MICEX»;
  • Informational, methodological and consultancy assistance to other subjects and municipalities of the Russian Federation in the field of state debt management and state borrowings.

The Agency conducts its activities in accordance with modern international standards relying on its professional partners, as well as on its highly qualified employees having experience in the financial sector and executive authorities.

  Moscow Government Resolution № 43-РП of 30/01/2013 on the reorganization of SGUP «Mosfinagency» to SBI «Mosfinagency»