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The Moscow Government spends 300 bln roubles on the «Social support» program – Sobyanin

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On Tuesday, at a meeting of the Moscow Government’s Presidium, Sergey Sobyanin summed up the implementation of the state program «Social support of the Moscow residents in 2012 – 2018 years» in 2014.

The program is aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens in need of social support and the poverty reduction through the development of targeted forms of social protection of the population. «In general we spend on this program more than 300 billion rubles – this is the largest item in the budget» – said Sergey Sobyanin.

According to the mayor in 2014, following an audit of the living conditions of 300,000 people (large low-income families, families with disabled children, single pensioners), a set of measures to provide targeted assistance and to satisfy identified needs (rehabilitation services, durable goods, etc.) was implemented at the expense of the Moscow budget.

As part of the program a new model of adoption of orphans and children left without parental care by families was implemented. The main elements of the model are the prevention of child abandonment, active search for, training and support of foster families. As a result of the new model introduction, the number of orphans being cared for in governmental institutions for orphans decreased by 20%.

Speaking about the older generation support, Sergey Sobyanin said that in 2014 the pensioners’ urban social standard minimum income amounted to 12 thousand rubles per month. More than two million pensioners were receiving city pension supplements.

This year the Moscow Government also implements a new approach to the provision of targeted social assistance – electronic social certificates for food and durable goods.

Sergey Sobyanin said that the social program will be continued in 2015. «At the last meeting of the Government we agreed to allocate additional 1.7 billion rubles for targeted support under the program, which already exists» – he said.

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